clip_image002.jpg An Average Day at Wyatt

It is the obligation of the parents/guardians to ensure that students attend school daily and comply with school attendance rules in order to receive an appropriate education. School starts promptly at 8:00 a.m. Any student arriving after 8:00 a.m. is considered tardy. Students who arrive after 8:00 must check in at the Reception Desk to obtain a tardy slip before going to class. If your child is going to be absent from school please call the absence line (303) 292-5515 ext. 2 before 8:00 on the day of the absence. If your child is absent and we have not heard from you, our auto dialer phone system will call your home to notify you that your child is not here. A verified absence occurs when the parent notifies the school in writing or verbally that the student will miss (or has missed) a day of school. An excused absence will include written documentation from a medical or religious institution. When absences and/or tardies become excessive, official documentation will be required. Unexcused absences are all other absences including suspensions or expulsions. Truancy (skipping class) is an absence without permission of the parent/guardian. The attendance law allows 10 days unexcused absences.

Wyatt's Uniform Policy

Students at Wyatt- Edison Charter School are required to wear school uniforms every day. A policy of required school uniforms has many advantages for students, families and the learning community. Schools are places for learning; uniforms eliminate discussions and competitions about clothing. Uniforms contribute to a positive learning environment.
Description of Uniforms
Navy blue or khaki skirts, skorts, jumpers, shorts (walking length), Capri pants, or long pants. White, navy blue, or light blue collared (polo style) shirts, blouses, or turtlenecks with short or long sleeves. Students who earn a free t-shirt by being present on Count Day (Oct. 1) will be allowed to wear the Wyatt branded t-shirt on Friday. White T-Shirts are allowed under uniform shirts. Colored T-Shirts are not permitted.
Plain navy or white sweatshirts or sweaters(without logos or words other than Wyatt-Edison). Navy blue, khaki, or whites socks. All clothing must fit properly. All shirts must be tucked in. Shoes must be completely closed in front and back and have non-skid soles. Tennis shoes or sneakers are preferred, as students attend recess daily and P.E. quarterly. Absolutely no “Healys (tennis shoes with wheels in the soles of the shoes) are allowed. Denim blue jeans, denim blue jean skirts, shorts-shorts, sweatpants, stirrup pants, bicycling shorts, leggings and sleeves tops are not acceptable uniform attire.Hats (or other head coverings) may not be worn inside the classroom unless for medical reasons.

Computer Rules - Acceptable Use Policy
The computer system is very important to everybody at Edison. You are given permission to use computers and the network to help you learn. You may also use your computer for activities that aren't related to your school work. However, you have the responsibility to use the system responsibly and lawfully. Your use of Edison's computers is a privilege. Your privileges may be taken away at any time.
A. Privacy
You will receive an account ID and password. Even though you have these, you must understand that Edison officials can access your computer files. Anything that you create, store, send or receive on a computer may be accessed by Edison officials.
B. Forbidden Activities
Material that is not appropriate for school may not be sent by e-mail or to newsgroups. If you receive inappropriate material, you should tell your teacher immediately.

You may not use "spoofing" or any other ways to disguise your name on e-mail or newsgroup messages. You must use YOUR NAME on all computer work.

You may not copy software for use on other computers. You may not provide copies of software to other people, And, you may not change software programming code. If you know of anybody who does any of these things on school computers, you should tell your teacher immediately.

C. Passwords
You are responsible for keeping your password a secret. You will be responsible for all computer activity related to your account and password. You may not use another person's account and password.
D. Security
You may not change or copy a file belonging to another user without his or her permission. You may not use the computer to "snoop" or pry into other people's e-mail or computer files.

You may not attempt to break in to Edison Schools' computer network. If you find yourself in an area that looks like it should be off limits, you must inform your teacher immediately.

E. Viruses
Computer viruses can cause damage to our systems. You are responsible for making sure you do not put viruses on our computers or our network. If you get a floppy disk , you should ask your technology director if it is OK to use it on your computer. All disks must be checked for viruses before they are used.
F. Security Software
You may not use programs that allow you to lock parts of your computer without your technology director's permission.
G. Other Rules
You should throw away e-mail after sixty days unless you are told to keep it by a teacher, other school official, parent or guardian.

Edison Schools is not responsible for material you see on the Internet. If you go to a web page that is not appropriate for school, you must click the BACK button so that page does not show. Then, tell your teacher about the mistake so it can be fixed so that other students cannot go there.

You are required to follow all software licenses and copyrights and all other state, federal, and international laws governing intellectual property and online activities.